Wedding Host hacks for comfortable shoes at your wedding.

Your wedding day is possibly the longest time you will spend “on stage” as the center of attention in your life.  This list should get you through the day with the least amount of discomfort while still looking good. Here are my tips to save your feet on your Wedding Day.

1. Avoid Flip Flops – Yes, I said it. Before you go hating on this idea know that myself and several of my friends have seen some nasty sprains and awesome face-plants when your foot goes one way and the flip flop goes the other after a few cocktails.  If you still want to wear flip flops, opt for something form fitting with a little support like Reefs or Vionics.

2. Avoid “Man Made” materials – A good pair of leather heels makes all the difference vs a man made shoe. It’s a really long day. You will be standing, sitting, dancing, and smiling for the camera.  There are plenty of quality options at Nordstrom’s and DSW for guys and gals.

3. Rock a pair of Chucks or Toms – Comfort is king for many of us. Why not “own” the look on your Wedding Day? Better yet, add your personal touch by ordering a custom pair of Chuck Taylors!

4. Make the Switch! – Go formal for the ceremony and reception, then change into your new (or very gently used) comfy shoes. Nobody will notice the switch and your feet will thank you in the morning.

5. Give a gift they will appreciate – Purchase a pair of fun and comfy shoes for your Bridal Party instead of another monogrammed Flask, Beer Mug, or Money Clip.  You will be a hero!

These are my tips for good feeling feet at your wedding.

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