4/7/2018 – Cory and Ashley’s Wedding


The week started by us placing a video pep talk using their Instagram hashtag.


Their “Love Story”

April 7th is a very special day. Not just for obvious reasons as you look at this beautiful couple but today is the 5th anniversary of their first date.  Let raise a glass to Chelsie. Because of you, these people gathered in uncomfortable clothes would not celebrating their love of these two humans.

Ashley and Cory were introduced at a Birthday party in St Cloud. Cory’s Birthday Party to be exact. Cory liked that she laughed a lot and had a great smile. Ashley’s first impression of him was … “I want that guy”

As they dated they did lots of driving place to place together where there was never a quiet or dull moment. Both families were very supportive of their relationship. They both wrote that it’s been wonderful having that connection and support. Cheers to the families for being such wonderful people. Apparently Cory was given the moniker of “Uncle Corndog?” and holds high status with the nieces that gave him that name.

Hockey seems to be a very important part of their fun together. Both of their fond courtship memories involve the Minnesota Wild. Cory loved it when Ashley took him to a game at the beginning of their relationship and recently there was an awesome Snapchat video produced when Cory whipped his rally towel during the playoffs and caught himself squarely in the eyeball. She offered to share the video if you ask.

Ashley says there was no real moment when she realized she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Cory, she just always knew. Cory however knew the first time he “Let One Go” in front of her. She was the girl for him.

That brings us to the proposal, Ashley thought she “Won” Christmas with a custom Wild jersey. Cory laid low with his promised gift of a nice dinner and a pair of leggings.  She was not very enthused. About an hour later, both wearing sweatpants, he proposed. She “Lost Christmas” again that year.

Some final words from both of them to each other….

Cory has never had as much fun with anyone than he has with Ashley. He would like to thank Ashley’s family. They have been so welcoming and great role models for what he wants in life.

Ashley promises to always pretend to listen to you when he talks about fantasy football. She is excited to spend the rest of her life with the most kind, sweet, patient and loving man she has ever met. She knows in their lifetime, they will rescue many pets and continue their super fun lives together. She doesn’t know where life will take them, and can’t promise it will always be easy, but she knows it will always be great.

What an amazing gathering of wonderful humans!

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